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About ProFillment

Dedicated staff working hard for you.

We know what it takes to specify, buy, expedite and install your project effectively and efficiently. Here's why: We have been doing just that for the last twenty years, separately. Collectively we have over fifty years experience providing products and services to the hospitality and healthcare industries.

Rolf Gunderson and Chris Trobec have been coordinating and installing artwork, furniture and decor for fifteen years for clients in every market segment. Opening on time and within budget are the goals for every project they complete.

ProFillment would like to be your first choice when it comes to these services:

  • Housewares Packages
    New Openings and Refurbishments
  • Replacement Items
    Less Than Case Pack, 48 Hour Shipping
  • Online Ordering
    Custom pages for your products
  • Product Specification
    If it's obsolete we'll find a replacement
  • Installation Service
    Expediting, Warehousing, Project Coordination, Nationwide Service
  • Installation Service
    Security hardware installations are our specialty.

ProFillment Service Values

  • We provide excellent service. We will impress our customers with the quality and timeliness of our services in a pleasant and friendly manner.
  • We are honest and straightforward. We will provide a genuine and consistent contribution each day and we will act with honor and goodwill.
  • We practice teamwork. We will search for opportunities to support our co-workers to create service delivery efficiencies.
  • We value our customers. We will treat everyone we encounter as we wish to be treated, with integrity and respect.
  • We welcome innovation and change. We will encourage and support employee innovation, creativity, and adaptability to change.

The following set of core values service as a set of beliefs and principles that ProFillment employees embrace:

  • Accountability - Be responsible for your action
  • Integrity - Be honest with our day-to-day activities and do the right thing all the time.
  • Leadership - Set the example and take the initiative at all levels in a timely and decisive manner.
  • Quality - Take pride in your work by doing the best you can.
  • Respect - Be cooperative by being sensitive to others needs.
  • Safety - Above all things know your job and limitations; perform in a safe manner.